Commercial & Office Shelving and Racking

Affordable second-hand office storage and commercial shelving and racking solutions.

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Increase Storage with Mezzanine Floors

Double up on your office or warehouse floor space with mezzanine flooring storage solutions.

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Pallet Racking & Container Shelving Solutions

Heavy-duty racking solutions for industrial, warehouse and retail pallet storage.

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Residential Garage and Kitchen Shelving for Sale

Affordable second-hand Kitchen Storage and Garage shelving and racking solutions.

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Warehouse Racking & Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Solutions

Affordable second-hand shelves and racking for large scale storage requirements.

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A little bit about us

SSC has been in the second hand shelving and racking industry for over 30 years and we are able to supply the biggest and the smallest companies with their shelving and racking requirements. Our experienced staff have gone through rigorous training to ensure that all work is done according to universally accepted health and safety standards. We are often called upon by large companies to install, repair and even relocate racking from one place to another. When we start a project we are involved from the beginning and this often includes drawing up of our own floor plans while seeing the project through to completion.

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